If you're interested in the nerdy circuit details on pedals...

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  • Zen on

    Truly appreciate your work, thanks for all the tips through the years, I love building and modding pedals and your books really inspired me

  • Stephen Campbell on

    I love these circuit deep dives. Thank you for doing them. šŸ‘

  • Billy Scarbrough on

    I really appreciate the in-depth videos with circuitry. Just got a bunch of parts kits and Iā€™m playing around with some designs now on a breadboard, starting with a modded Fuzz Face. One of the best ways for me to learn this is to understand the fundamentals behind each change to a circuit that I make. Glad Iā€™m not the only nerd out there looking for this type of stuff! Thanks Brian!

  • shaun mcneil on

    Not an electronically inclined neanderthal. More loud* volume up. More quiet* noise gate on. More safer* me no like problems, big industrial circuit breaker. So Iā€™m getting into little 5watt amps over the monster amps and playing with pedals sounds like fun as well.

  • scott mccrea on

    Thank you so much for this content!!!! Very informative

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