Courses, Workshops, and Clinics

Online Learning Tailored for Musicians and Makers

Our suite of online offerings – Courses, Workshops, and Clinics – are expertly designed for those who demand more from their music, their craft, and their business.

Upcoming courses include workshops and masterclasses on:

Guitar Gear Mastery: Explore the intricate world of guitars, pedals, and amplifiers with our comprehensive courses. Learn to master your guitar gear, sculpt unique sounds, and express your musical vision with clarity and depth.

DIY Pedal Building: For the tinkerers and tone seekers, our workshops are a deep dive into the rewarding process of pedal creation. Guided by Brian Wampler and other professionals, you'll gain the knowledge to not only build but create your own unique guitar pedals and modifications.

MI Business Strategy: Navigate the complexities of the music industry with practical, no-nonsense clinics that cut through the noise. Equip yourself with the insights needed to start, run, and grow a successful MI business in today's competitive landscape.

Our courses are more than a learning path; they're your next step towards defining your place in the music world.