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Metallized Polyester MKT PET Film Box Capacitor Assortment Kit, 235 pcs, 24 Values, 63V, 1nF to 1uF

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Brand: 3pdt


  • 235 pcs Mellalized Polyester (MKT PET) Film Box Capacitor Assortment
  • 24 values and each value has 10 pcs (0.68uF and 1uF are 5 pcs and 0.1uF has extra 5 high-end WIMA caps):
  • includes: 1nF, 1.5nF, 2.2nF, 3.3nF, 3.9nF, 4.7nF, 5.6nF, 6.8nF, 10nF, 18nF, 22nF, 27nF
  • includes: 33nF, 47nF, 56nF, 68nF, 82nF, 0.1uF, 0.22uF, 0.27uF, 0.33uF, 0.47uF, 0.68uF, 1uF
  • Capacitors come sorted accordingly in a labeled and handy box

model number: MKT PET Capacitors

Part Number: 235 pcs Metallized Film Capacitor Box

Details: Mellalized Polyester (MKT PET) Film Box Capacitor Assortment, 235 pcs, 24 values, rated 63V, Tolerance 10 - 20%

1nF (0.001uF), 10 pcs
1.5nF (0.0015uF), 10 pcs
2.2nF (0.0022uF), 10 pcs
3.3nF (0.0033uF), 10 pcs
3.9nF (0.0039uF), 10 pcs
4.7nF (0.0047uF), 10 pcs
5.6nF (0.0056uF), 10 pcs
6.8nF (0.0068uF), 10 pcs
10nF (0.01uF), 10 pcs
18nF (0.018uF), 10 pcs
22nF (0.022uF), 10 pcs
27nF (0.027uF), 10 pcs
33nF (0.033uF), 10 pcs
47nF (0.047uF), 10 pcs
56nF (0.056uF), 10 pcs
68nF (0.068uF), 10 pcs
82nF (0.082uF), 10 pcs
0.1uF (100nF), 10 pcs + 5 pcs red WIMAs MKS2 caps
0.22uF (220nF), 10 pcs
0.27uF (270nF), 10 pcs
0.33uF (330nF), 10 pcs
0.47uF (470nF), 10 pcs
0.68uF (680nF), 5 pcs
1uF (1000nF), 5 pcs

Generally reliable and suitable for AC, DC signal, bypassing, decoupling, noise suppression, timing, power use, medical devices, audio signals,
can withstand high voltage and high pulse loads

Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches

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