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Breadboard Module BB-1 For Prototyping Guitar Pedals

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Eliminate the headache of prototyping: The BB-1 Breadboard Module

Struggling to wrangle wires and power supplies while breadboarding your guitar pedal ideas? The BB-1 Breadboard Module is your secret weapon. This handy unit streamlines your prototyping workflow, saving you time and frustration. Essentially, it acts as a typical guitar pedal interface with jacks, power, and true bypass on/off switch via relay.

Here's how it helps:

  • Instant Connectivity: Plug your guitar directly into the 1/4" input jack, and send the processed signal out to your amp with the 1/4" output jack. No more fiddling with cables and adapters.
  • True Bypass at Your Fingertips: Activate your creation with the on/off pushbutton switch, featuring relay-based true bypass for pristine tone transparency.
  • Power Up Your Ideas: Choose from a range of essential voltages, including analog ground, digital ground, unbuffered AND buffered 4.5vdc reference, +9vdc, -9vdc, +18vdc, +5vdc, and +3.3vdc. No more breadboard clutter with individual power supplies.
  • Universal Compatibility: The BB-1 fits seamlessly onto any breadboard, making it your go-to platform for any pedal project.

Stop wrestling with the the mess of wires. Focus on your creativity with the BB-1 Breadboard Module. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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