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3pdt OpAmp Assortment 70 pcs incl. Sockets, TL061 TL071 TL081 UA71 LM308 LF351 LF353 NE5534, OPA1622 LM324 TL072 TL082 LM358 LM747 OP07 JRC4558D Dual NE5532 LM386 CA3080 CA3140 CA3240 TDA7052

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Brand: 3pdt


  • Huge Opamp Assortment
  • TL061, TL071, TL081, LF351, LM308, UA741, NE5534, TL072, TL082, OP07, JRC4558D, OPA1622, LM358, LF353, NE5532, JRC4580, LM324, TL084, LM386, TDA7052A, CA3140, CA3240, TLC272, CA3080, LM747
  • Includes 15 pcs DIP-8 Sockets, 5 pcs DIP-14 Sockets, 1 pcs Single to Dual Adapter, 1 pcs DIP-8 to SOP-8 Through-Hole to SMD Adapter, 2 pcs Heatsinks
  • Includes the most important and usefull OpAmp types: Single, Dual, Quad, BiMOS, LinMOS Dual CMOS, Power Amps, Transconductance, Hifi Audio OpAmps
  • Sorted accordingly in a labeled plastic box

Binding: Electronics

model number: opamp assortment 1

Part Number: opamp assortment 1

Details: OpAmp Assortment incl. DIP8, DIP14 Sockets, Single-Dual Adapter, Heatsinks and DIP8-SOP8 (SMD) Adapter
Single OpAmps:
TL061, 2 pcs
TL071, 2 pcs
TL081, 2 pcs
LF351, 1 pcs
LM308, 2 pcs
UA741, 2 pcs
NE5534, 2 pcs
OP07, 2 pcs

Dual OpAmps:
TL072, 2 pcs
TL082, 2 pcs
JRC4558D, 2 pcs
LM747, 2 pcs
LM358, 5 pcs
LF353, 2 pcs
NE5532, 2 pcs
JRC4580, 2 pcs

Dual HiFi Audio OpAmp:
OPA1622, 1 pcs

Quad OpAmps:
LM324, 2 pcs
TL084, 2 pcs

Power Audio Amps:
LM386, 2 pcs
TA7052A, 2 pcs

BiMOS OpAmps:
CA3140, 1 pcs
CA3240, 1 pcs

LinMOS OpAmp:
TLC272, 1 pcs

Transconductance OpAmp:
CA3080, 1 pcs

OpAmp Sockets:
DIP-8, 15 pcs
DI-14, 5 pcs

DIP8, 2 pcs

Single to Dual Adapter:
1 pcs

DIP8 - SOP8 (SMD) Adapter
1 pcs

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.8 x 0.9 inches

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