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QuadHands Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Tool | 4 Flexible Metal Arms Are Easy to Position | Rotating Stainless Steel Clamps | Made in USA - Professional Grade

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Brand: QuadHands

Color: Mellon Yellow


  • Third hand? How about four extra helping hands with extra strong and flexible arms? With QuadHands you get 4 adjustable metal gooseneck arms with industrial strength, stainless steel, precision alligator clamps.
  • 8 inch by 8 inch (8" x 8") powder coated steel base is heavy and extremely sturdy to ensure your workstation doesn't tip over or move an inch. Rubber lines the feet of the steel base to provide more stability and to protect your work space's surfaces from scratching and scuffing.
  • The ultimate work bench vise for any professional or hobbyist who relies on perfect precision and stability - from engineers to artists. Use for any electronic, soldering, crafting, painting, replica, figurine and hobby work - or any precision project that requires extreme accuracy.
  • QuadHands started as a necessity for our own in-house USA based manufacturing and engineering efforts. We're an American company, owned and operated right here in Charleston, South Carolina
  • QuadHands rig now includes additional removable silicone coverings for extra protection while working on delicate objects such as microchips and other electronics.

Publisher: Alphidia

Details: FOUR FLEXIBLE ARMS - Third hand? How about a fourth, fifth and sixth hand? That's what you get with QuadHands...4 adjustable metal gooseneck arms and stainless steel precision alligator tip clamps, with removable silicone coverings. They're strong enough to keep a tight vise-like grip and will stop your work surface from moving. You can easily walk away from your project and return to it exactly how you left it. No more juggling loads of items all at once. EXTREMELY STURDY - Our powder coated steel base with industrial strength rubber feet will ensure your workstation doesn't move, slip or slide around. Plus, the rubber feet will protect your work surface from scratches and scuffs. Our 8 inch by 8 inch work base is heavy and won't tip over even with cumbersome and heavy projects. The flexible arms won't wear out and won't breakdown because they're made of professional grade materials. PERFECT FOR TONS OF PROJECTS - You don't just need to use QuadHands for your electronics and soldering jobs...although they're perfect for that type of work! Many customers use them for hobby projects, arts and crafts, and fine detail work like painting miniatures and figurines. Any project that requires detail work or the use of more than one hand will benefit greatly from QuadHands helping hands!

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 8.7 x 2.1 inches

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