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How To Modify the Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Guitar Pedal ebook

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Finally available after several years, Brian Wampler's new updated version of the popular "Wampler BD-2 Blues Driver Mods". The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is a fantastic platform to work with when you want multiple different sounds from an inexpensive pedal. 

This e-book will explain how the circuit works in an easy to understand way. It will detail what tools you may need, where to buy parts, and also give you an overview of what the modifications are doing. This ebook will give you new BD-2 Blues Driver mods not found anywhere else, along with a complete circuit walk-through that will explain in everyday-easy-to-understand language which will allow you to create your own modifications as well!

NOTE: These mods and this ebook is for the "THROUGH HOLE" version of the Boss BD-2, it will NOT work with the surface mount part version. You'll need to open the bottom of your pedal to make sure you do indeed have the "Through Hole" version. A quick google search will explain what the difference is, but basically the surface mount version has very small parts, and is found on the newest versions of the pedal after around 2017 or so and newer. Also, these mods are not for the Waza Craft versions.

Table of contents:
CHAPTER I Introduction
CHAPTER II Tools & Items Needed 
CHAPTER IV Quick explanation of the modifications
CHAPTER V Basic Circuit Modifications 
CHAPTER VI Where to buy parts 
CHAPTER VII How to Modify your BD-2 (Including complete circuit walk-through and explanation)

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